Kudos to our “celebrity” dance bootcampers who are not only “smoothing” their moves for the big event May 3, but are also doing an outstanding job of raising money for a great cause. Here are the latest standings released today by the Alzheimer’s Association. Keep up the good work, everybody. Also, check out our spy picture of Shannon Quintanilla and Doug Weiss in session. Looking great, guys!

doug shannonBobby Kaufmann  $46,003.34
Millie Smith  $29,538.33
Cindy Widner Wall  $27,773.33
Zach Morris  $22,439.22
Doug Weiss  $22,108.33
Jan Collins  $20,178.33
Kim Nalley  $16,828.33
Sona Chambers  $12,675
Bill Harrison  $8,570.34
Cynthia Good  $6,623.33
Bronni Karatassos  $5,528.34
Kwanza Hall  $2,063.33

Total raised: $224,100 – 45% to $500,000 goal and 26 days to go!

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